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New Products

Fishing Rods

* Carp Rod

* Cast rod

* Boat Rod

* Fly Rod

* Surf Rod

* Pole Rod

* Ice rod

* Match rod

* Feeder Rod

* Catfish Rod

* Jigging Rod

* Bolognese rod

* Tele Spin Rod

* Tele Surf Rod

* Ugly Stick Rod

* Interline Rod

* Put In spin rod

* Put over spin Rod

* Handle of landing net


*** Fishing Sets ***


6'6" Telescopic Rod (Plastic Guide) Reel with Line Floats Sinkers Hooks


4'6" Telescopic Rod (TEG Guide) Spincast Reel with Line Floats

Lures Sinkers Hooks & Jigs Plastic Box


5' Telescopic Rod (BTEG Guide) Reel with Line Floats Lure & Baits

Sinkers Swivel with Snap Hooks & Jigs Plastic box


5'6" Spinning Rod (Simple plastic handle) Reel with line Floats


6' Spinning Rod Reel with line Floats Lures Hooks and Jigs Sinkers Plastic box